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Keep up andnetwork with peers.

Welcome to LSCU Councils!

LSCU Councils are professional organizations designed to hone your specific credit-union-related skills – or to help you learn some more.

The League of Southeastern Credit Unions & Affiliates offers these discipline-specific networking groups to help credit union professionals (like you!) excel in their field and advance their credit unions. If you’re interested in joining a group of peers to share resources, learn best practices and engage in meaningful discussions around your credit union role – we know we have a council for you!

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2023 LSCU Council Calendar
Why should you join a LSCU Networking council?

Peer engagement. The best networking groups include a mix of experience which means you get to access a wide range of advice and find new ways to connect with your peers.

Referral opportunities. Networking is all about building valuable relationships. Valuable relationships create strong referrals for product or service solution providers that help you better serve your members.

Personal development. Developing skills by learning from others through the topics shared during each meeting is one of the fastest ways to excel in your role.

Knowledge expansion. Access to shared knowledge through connection with like-minded individuals is one of the most powerful ways to increase your credit unions growth and success.

Information sharing. Joining a council gets you access to a new social network of peers who you can share information with and bounce ideas off of throughout the year.

Your council membership will include:

- 3 Meetings Per Year, (2) virtual & (1) in-person
- Access to an Online Community to Network with other Members. This online community will bring you the ability to connect with other members in discussions, the ability to share documents and resources and a space for you to review and refer to past council meeting presentations, videos, and other resources.

what people say

LSCU Councils are not only a targeted means to elevate knowledge of relevant information for a variety of professions in the Credit Union arena, but also a channel for cultivating peer and mentor relationships that may otherwise not develop without Council involvement. Councils put the best foot of Credit Union collaboration forward by providing regional engagement opportunities for a variety of disciplines, career levels, and leadership paths.
Brandi McKinney
Brandi McKinney

VP, HR & Compliance
Alabama Credit Union

When it comes to cultivating stronger, more knowledgeable credit union employees, nothing beats the collaborative style of the councils format. You’ll be surprised what kind of outside-the-box ideas your professionals will bring back to your credit union after networking and learning at a council meeting. It’s a game changer when it comes to innovation and growth!
Suzanne Weinstein
Suzanne Weinstein

Orlando Credit Union

Professional development and team culture have become increasingly important since the pandemic altered many aspects of workplace values. The camaraderie and idea sharing provided through the LSCU councils is invaluable to not only helping our team grow professionally but also remain engaged in the credit union movement, truly setting us apart from other industries.
Chuck Adcock
Chuck Adcock

Florida State University Credit Union