Stay updated on the latest accounting and finance topics

while networking with your colleagues

Make sure your credit union stands apart from the rest by keeping up with the latest accounting and finance programs while learning new and exciting ways to improve those departments at your credit union.

The LSCU Accounting and Finance Council brings together credit union professionals with a role in the accounting and finance side of the credit union. Council members can network and learn from fellow accounting and finance colleagues, exchange ideas, best practices, contacts, and resources that will help your credit union and other credit unions excel in the field.

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The low annual fee will provide full access to networking resources and opportunities afforded to the members of the LSCU Accounting and Finance Council.

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*Discounted pricing is available for credit union members of LSCU, Council membership is also available for credit unions that are not league members. Qualifying credit unions must be an affiliate of an LSCU Affiliate Company (Example: LEVERAGE, LEVERASGE Payment Services, Growth by Design, CU Audit & Compliance Group, MAA, MCA, etc.).

Networking with, and learning from, fellow accounting and finance professionals, online community coming soon! Online Community Coming Soon


LSCU Accounting & Finance Executive Committee coming soon!

LSCU Accounting and Finance Council Executive Committee Coming Soon! The LSCU Accounting and Finance Committee will work directly with LSCU & Affiliates to support the council. These credit union volunteers are from AL, FL, and GA and will work to help set the agendas for the member-focused professional development network. If you are interested in being on this committee, please let us know!